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About Us

The studio

INPHYX is a game development studio.
Founded in 2015, we aspire to develop original and competitive games with the best of each us.
We are all special in something and we mustn't waste these knowledge.

Who we are

We are two guys from Terrassa that are studying yet. We love videogames and we also love being creative, so we pretend to live for the videogames and make a great contribution to these. Since young we had a dream, now it's a life plan.



// Co-founder


I'm a lover of video games, especially of strategy video games. Also, I love the philosophy and all things related with the human race. Since young I dreamed of being a great programmer and now I'm studying to achieve this.



// Co-founder


I wanna be a designer. I'm always thinking about the design of all: The shape of a can, the decoration of a kitchen, how an advertising poster looks... I'm usually not very active (physically, I mean) but I'm always thinking about things, sometimes meaningless, but I like it.


FINGER-IT! Dynamic Update

A new update of FINGER-IT! has been launched! More sounds, more dynamism, better performance. Be careful, it's very addictive!

Check it out!

FINGER-IT! release

Hi there, we've launched a videogame for android made in a weekend! It's an ability game that will challenge your fingers' speed with two game modes.
We will try to do more weekend game programming challenge like this.

Check it out!

Flappy Gull themes update

A theme selector has been included in the last update of Flappy Gull. Now you can change the theme where you play.

Check it out!

New website design

We are happy to announce that we have launched an improved website design that will remain longer time. We hope that you like it as much as we do!


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